maandag 28 januari 2008

Mijn adres in Uganda

Vandaag heb ik gevraagd wat eigenlijk mijn adres in Uganda wordt. Ik kreeg daarop het volgende antwoord:

Postal address is easy: Ndege juu ya Africa, c/o Hans Swellengrebel, PO Box 49, Kisubi, Uganda
Physical address is far more difficult... I know where we live but I don't think that there is a formal address... the best I can give you is that it is the house next to Dr. Gibbons' house on Dr. Gibbons Road in Makindye, which is one of the hills of Kampala!
The views are lovely!

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avocado jim zei

Hey Hans, it's all dutch to me, but send me a mail so that i will have thanks man!